Initiating a North Atlantic Network on Sustainable Holothurian Technology and Innovation

Presentation of HOLOSUSTAIN at the NTNU’s Ocean week event in Ålesund

May 09, 2019

On May 9 2019 Dr. Miroslava Atanassova, Project Coordinator for HOLOSUSTAIN has been invited to present the objectives of the project’s network as part of the program session on “BLUE PROTEINS: TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE USE OF MARINE RESOURCES” at the local Brosundet Naftadjupet Auditorium of NTNU in Ålesund”. The presentation, entitled “Alternative and emerging protein & bioactives sources with special focus on sea cucumbers and insects”, provided an overview of the project’s consortium partners, deliverables and expected outcomes, as part of the project portfolio of Møreforsking Ålesund on sea cucumber targeted research and innovation. (photo attached)

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