Initiating a North Atlantic Network on Sustainable Holothurian Technology and Innovation

North Atlantic sea cucumber value chains: current status and industrial opportunities

Jan 30, 2020

The 1st workshop, organized in the framework of HOLOSUSTAIN, will be hosted at the installations of partner MATIS in Reykjavik, Iceland and take place on Friday the 3rd of April 2020.

The workshop will be organized around three thematic sessions - a morning session on "Fisheries status and Aquaculture", an afternoon session on "High-added value product opportunities", with company pitches and presentations from researchers and authorities.

Finally, a common discussion forum will potentiate the dialogue among all participants (companies, authorities and researchers) on establishing the main challenges and opportunities for an operational temperate water sea cucumber-based bioeconomy sector in the Nordic countries/EC.

The full program will be made available on this site not later than 15 February 2020. Possibility to participate through video streaming (Microsoft Teams) will be offered for a limited number of attendees.

For confirming interest to attend and be part of the event, please, contact the event organizer: Dr. Ólafur H. Friðjónsson or the project coordinator: Dr. Miroslava Atanassova


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